The Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan aims to transform 32 miles of concrete-lined river into public green space in the heart of one of America’s most populated cities. As a vital work of civic infrastructure, the river has the potential to integrate a divided city. Key civic leaders joined forces to fund a visionary and technical look at changing the river into a new amenity, a source of socio-economic revitalization and a crucial step towards re-greening the “City of Sprawl.”

A bold commitment is made to restore riparian habitat and to reconnect park-poor neighborhoods to green space. The regional open space network will provide trails, parks, and bikeways along the length of the river. Making the river green and accessible is expected to transform an undervalued asset into a valued amenity.

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The master plan is the result of a comprehensive analysis, as well as many stakeholder and public meetings held to seek understanding, opinion, and to test concepts for community support. A new governance structure was adopted to increase efficient river management. As the landscape architect, recreation, and open-space designer, ML+A worked with the design team and a large set of agencies to test every issue and ramification of river revitalization.