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The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County – North Campus is creating a new exciting urban destination with over 3.5 acres of outdoor exhibits that will foster nature within the city. This newly developed site will be an exciting and immersive place for visitors stimulating interest and curiosity about nature. The North Campus – Front Yard will educate Angelinos about the local fauna and flora of the region enriching the experience from indoor exhibition halls to a live in-situ experience. The outdoor exhibit will be beautiful and expressive while supporting programs for ongoing scientific research.

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This would be a place of respite and reflection; a mixture of landscapes including butterfly hedges, tree filled areas, flowering shrubs, a pond, creek and urban fountains. Within the garden there will be artistic creations and programs that will set the stage for nature exploration and discovery. This landscape will provide a quiet place for those who want a moment to reflect about nature in the shaded wooded Urban Wilderness, take in a show at the Strampitheater, learn about our local eco workforce in the Pollinator Garden, or engage in a more active experience of digging in the dirt at the Get Dirty Zone. All of these experiences tie into education opportunities that allow for a transformative visitor experience and will inspire wonder, discovery, and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds within the city of Los Angeles. The North Campus is expected to open in mid-2012.